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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Re : [Fact About] February Wednesday 21st 2018


   I am very sorry I have to reach you through this medium. I am a member of the European Debt Recovery Unit and I am aware of your sad ordeal about your unpaid fund.

   It may interest you to know that not long after the Debt Management Office (DMO) completed the merger and acquisition process of all pending payments occasion through the petition raised by the international community about their unpaid funds. I discovered that their boss connived with some top officials to divert funds approve to settle unpaid Fund (concealed funds).

   The DMO has already given approval for the payment of your fund but they deliberately withheld your payment file and continue to demand fees from you through their associates from different unassigned affiliates mostly from Africa, US , Europe and Asia all in an attempt to frustrate you and enrich themselves. I wonder why you haven't notice all this while.

   You may choose to disbelieve this email as inconceivable but my doctrine does not permit such act, reason I have to open up to you to seek the right channel. Your fund was authorized to be paid to you through the DMO asset management firm with a Key Tested Reference/Claim Code Number, which was supposed to have been issued to you before now.

Upon your response to my message, I shall guide you through and provide you with details to contact the assigned affiliate who will facilitate the release of your fund, for more details Click here

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Yours Faithfully,

Kelly David
European Debt Recovery Agent, UK.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Equal Marriage and the Scottish Same-Sex Marriage Consultation

Today I am on leave from work and, although the day has been set aside for dissertation work, I have been doing something more important this morning...

Today, 9th December, is the final day to respond to the Scottish Same-Sex Marriage Consultation and although I have had the excellent form from the Equality Network in my kitchen for a while I've only just got around to sending my response and wanted to share information on how others can do this today and to also provide my accompanying message to my local MSPs.

I would ask you all to respond to the consultation however you see fit. Marriage is a hugely personal matter so I do not expect that all my friends and readers to agree with my perspective but it is worth saying that I support same-sex marriage as a matter of equality of rights. However as marriage is a state recognised relationship I think it is important that all in Scotland voice their opinion no matter what that might be.

The announcement about the consultation can be found here:

The Equality Network consultation response form is here:

The additional Equality Network form to email MSPs seems to be broken but you can email them via Write to Them - click on the link to "Write to all of your regional MSPs" in the Your Members of the Scottish Parliament column (which will show when you enter your postcode):

And here is what I have written (based partly on the Equality Network suggested wording) to my own local MSPs:

Dear David McLetchie, Neil Findlay, Alison Johnstone, Margo MacDonald, Gavin Brown, Sarah Boyack and Kezia Dugdale,

I live in your constituency and strongly support marriage equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Scotland.  I also support opening up civil partnership to mixed-sex couples.  

I am a gay woman who has been in a happy civil partnership for over five years and feel very privileged to have found and been able to enter a state recognised partnership with the woman I love. I do not, however, feel that the civil partnership act fully recognises and respects the rights of non-heterosexuals.

LGBT people are the only group who are banned from marrying.  The introduction of civil partnership was a very important step forward, but this is not equality.  The law should be changed to make the same choices, marriage or civil partnership, available to couples regardless of their gender.

I am not religious so my personal preference would be for a system of the state only recognising civil partnerships that are open to both mixed-sex and same-sex couples, with religious ceremonies a separate non state-recognised process.

However the state currently recognises religious ceremonies and there are many same-sex couples who have strong faith and supportive communities around their faith and I think it is fundamentally unequal to exclude same-sex couples from engaging in a legally recognised ceremony in their own religious community that recognises their long, genuine and loving relationships in exactly the same way as heterosexual couples. How can it be fair, equal or dignified that gay persons of faith are treated differently by the state than heterosexual persons of faith?

Furthermore I think it is shocking that there is currently a requirement for transsexual people to divorce before a full gender recognition certificate can be issued. No sensible marriage system would require a loving relationship to be legally separate - a lengthy, costly and traumatic process - in order to give an individual in that relationship their personal rights and freedoms. I therefore also call upon you to support the ending of this peculiar and outdated aspect of the marriage and gender recognition law. I am not a transgendered person but I know several wonderful trans people whose lives have been hugely enriched by being able to live as the people and the gender that they are, not as the bodies they were born with dictate. In some cases this transition is something undertaken quite alone but for others the presence of a loving committed partner is hugely beneficial and to enforce divorce before a trans person can have their identity legally recognised is unkind and unfair. Changing this requirement would also mean that those trans people whose partners have not been as supportive and where there has been a breakdown of relationship cannot delay the recognition of that persons identity because of lengthy divorce processes. Individual human rights to identity and personhood, and state recognised relationship rights should never have been bound in this way.

As your constituent, I am asking you to regard all of your constituents as having the same rights to live, to love, and to be part of society on an equal basis and, as such, I am asking you to support marriage equality in Scotland.

Yours with respect,


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Maker Faire 2010

Maker Faire 2010
Originally uploaded by eurovision_nicola
Last weekend we spent an amazing time at Maker Faire Newcastle 2010. This image shows the array of exciting geekery we came back with: a boarduino and Open Heart for it to control, a drawing robot, chemical symbol cookies, programmatically generated image stickers, hand sewn attainment badges, a plush noise making creation and oodles of book on wearable, programmable and steam punk tech.

I think I have lots of thoughts of the weekend to share but for now wanted to flag up it's awesomeness! yay!

Monday, 5 October 2009

My First Sidewiki Experiment

So this is what Google Sidewiki looks like?

I wonder if it integrates with Wave...

in reference to: Google Sidewiki (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

spider climbing its web

Is there anything prettier than light rain and sunshine and spiders webs?

I've just got a new close up lens so spent the day crawling round the the undergrowth, hanging out in bushes and generally getting too close to snails and spiders and such, much fun!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

[Delicious] nicola osborne wants to share a bookmark with you

Another test of the Delicious plugin changes...

nicola osborne's notes: The Year 2000 Problem, or Y2K, was actually a series of short term coding decisions that led many to believe all computer systems would fail on the roll over from 1999 to 2000. In the event most modern systems were fine but some older systems did fail on a number of dates around the Millennium.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Torchwood: Children of Earth

A few weeks ago BBC One devoted the whole 9pm to 10pm slot to Torchwood: Children of Earth. And it was good. Mostly...

The thing is that Torchwood has been ticking along rather nicely on BBC3 for some time now but, as with all things that attract a rating, it's seen itself pimped up through the channels in response to it's success. Series One was only on BBC3. Series Two migrated to BBC2 and now, here we are, premiering the third season on BBC1. Except it's only a five part series and there have been a few modifications that pretty much migrated me from the "regular viewer" category to the "devoted upset fan" box.

The first thing to say - and this is free from spoilers - there have been a few changes to Torchwood that are welcome. The budget seems to have ballooned for a start and that's no bad thing at all when you're looking for glossy sci-fi (though I'm not entirely sure why BBC1 viewers must have glossier than BBC2 viewers or BBC3 viewers... are they broadcasting different formats?!). However when Series One began it was clear the writers wanted to set Torchwood fairly far apart from Doctor Who and it primarily achieved this through a huge abundant amount of sex. Straight, gay, alien, even a beastie who shagged drunken Cardiff drinkers to death. And lo, it was rocking. A bit one dimensional but super dirty because Dr Who-niverse plus sex is a pretty exciting little combination, particularly if you were always into the mind-fuck of the immortal traveller more than the tacky plastic of the aliens encountered in abandoned Welsh slate mines. And Jack was gay and Ianto was heading that way and Tosh was falling for that alien/girl from My Family and they killed someone off in the first episode. Wow. Anyway...

That was on BBC3. When things migrated to BBC2 the sex seemed to morph into a sudden incestuous obsession: all the Torchwood team members were still bonking like rabbits but only each other. But that was OK as Captain Jack started more explicitly hanging out with Ianto, Gwen's dull hubby Rhys almost ended up slaughtered (that was an episode full of the hope of escaping suburbia I think) and Owen ended up the weirdly grey-skinned zombie we'd always suspected he was.

So to BBC1 and do we get less violence? Well not really (and here we will have spoilers). We had a man shooting his whole family dead, we had a child melted by weird noise, Jack died 6 times (thanks to You Have Been Watching for the body count) and they debated slaughtering 10% of all children. Also there were some quite nasty gory bits. So no less violence then and actually a welcome blast of tension and cynicism. But where had all the boffing gone? OK it was a week long run and, though not a real-time experience, it was supposed to be taking place over a few days. So that's probably OK. Although the resurrection of attempts to make Gwen and Jack glance sexily at each other continue to fail big time for me. The idea of them as a fake couple is too, well, improbable I think. John Barrowman, cheese-ter that he is, is quite frighteningly turned into a passable actor when faced with a believable love interest, so long may he be written as a character that will flirt with anything but has a particularly eye for the boys. But I digress.

There were four things that made me badly want to scream with annoyance in the week (bigger spoilers ahead):
  • Gwen's pregnancy - childcare just isn't exciting telly. And if you're cynically killing kids in the week why suddenly get fluffy? There was a super flexible option - leave Gwen pregnant and alive at the end of the episode but don't assume she safely makes it to full term (as that atrocious coda did). With all that explosive traumatic jumping about there was plenty of opportunity for chaos there. If Torchwood comes back for Season 4 and the baby is just an excuse for Rhys whimsy I will be pissed. If it's a horrible alien manifestation I'll be just about amused but I still think they missed the subtle open ended sane option to not commit...
  • The Rift was exactly where please?! You see the thing is that if you set up a universe and it's silly and full of aliens and such you better bloomin' make it make sense. It's like the Buffyverse: it doesn't have to make sense in the real world but it always has to make sense in the fictional universe you are in. So when Torchwood was blown up on Day One what exactly happened to Cardiff? Overrun with Weavels? Alien influx? Dark paramilitary forces running in to steal control of the Rift? You can't blow up a fictional piece of physics that easily Mr Russell T. Davies. It belittles all those who have already seen the show. And it actually mocks Doctor Who fans who also require that part of the Torchwood Universe to work - it's effectively the Tardis charger...
  • The Adventures of Captain Jack is the fear I have for Season 4 of Torchwood. After the shows had gone out someone tweeted that the show would be about "Captain Jack bumming his way round the universe. Literally". It's a comment I'd like to call homophobic but frankly the way the week was completed there was little left but Jack being the sexed up Who. Maybe that means Who is turning all suitable for the under 5's but with Stephen Moffat in charge there and Russell T. Davies still involved in Torchwood I have my fears far more about the latter than the former. Davies seems bored of Torchwood before it's barely begun. It's something he's done before: After an amazing cultural phenomenon with Queer as Folk he absolutely devalued that series with the shockingly rubbish Queer as Folk 2. It was like he'd shown up but couldn't be bothered to follow through with believable characters he'd initially set up. The self-destructive tone of Torchwood Season 3 makes me wonder if he's doing the same thing: deciding he likes the telly slot he's managed to open up but he'd rather do a new show instead. File this little rant under "deeply concerned at the ceasing of fun unwholesome Torchwood fun".
  • Ianto - why? Why why why? Why kill off just about the only sympathetic and complex character in the show (Gwen is complex but hardly sympathetic; Jack is complexly background-ed but his core personality seems pretty fixed; Ianto was confused about his sexuality, his place professionally, his class role, his relationship). And worse still why did we need to see his family as a sort of excuse for his dead: the gay brother sacrificed for a chavvy family of four. I'll be honest I was ready for the kids to be destroyed but in no way ready to give up a well written and acted character. It's a strangely homophobic move for me - you've had your coming out moment, you've had a relationship and now we have nothing left to write for you. That's a fairly bleak picture of inclusion in mainstream drama if ever I saw one. Maybe Russell wanted to reduce the amount of slash fiction out there... I suspect the opposite will be the outcome. As much of a feminist as I am I'd rather have a man-who-sleeps-with-men, a feisty woman and a pansexual alien as my leads. Not one depressed alien and a mommy. Gah!
So, what to do now? Well I've downloaded the mostly excellent Radio 4 Torchwood plays recently. Ianto and Jack are left room to develop their relationship very touchingly through bickering and affection. So I'll be re-listening to those when I need a fix. Series 1 and 2, which weeks ago I probably wouldn't have wanted to buy, may be worth grabbing for posterity. For all their cheapness they have big ideas and sexuality. Torchwood Season 3 did superbly for a great basic idea but all momentum was lost as a convenient and inexplicably neat series of fixes tidied everything up with soap opera like emotion. It's a classic Whovian issue which leaves me with two suggestions:

  1. Take a more Buffy view of your universe. There are no sacred cows but a relationship that's stable across two or three series and then goes badly wrong is much more interesting and surprising than one that is stable only for a few months. You can't keep all characters happy but you should let a bit of stability amek for plain fun episodes short on soap factors. Otherwise you should be writing "continuing drama" instead.
  2. To help you tie things up sensibly why don't you do something outrageously unusual: hire some writers who actually did science at A-level or at university. It would give the show a short of Star Trek-like big ideas + vague plausibility that would help tidy those endings up no end. What is actually happening and being researched is far more thrilling that what sits in the mind of a writer on their 20th plotline for a sci-fi format. So, subscriptions to New Scientist, Nature and Wired and a few accessible but informative tech/science mags would be a start. Some actual science journals would knock your socks off and a scientist on the writing team... well that might just flip you over the edge so that 100% of a series could be good, not just the first 70% of it!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

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